Being an Infor Implementation partner has given us access to bring the best of breed Predictive Maintenance solution to out customers. There is a reason why we also present this solution to customers. Unlike other solution in the market, Infor is the only company that has Asset Performance Management offer as part of its Enterprise Asset Management product. This means the customer does not need to invest extra to get the most sought after feature of EAM and APM which is Predictive Maintenance.


    Infor’s stack of technology solution called as Infor OS makes it all work within a single platform with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence Platform known as Infor Coleman taking advantage of seamless integration with Infor IoT and Data Lake. Advanced algorithm can now crunch maintenance data to offer answers to maintenance engineers for age old questions such as predicted failure, predicated lifespan and factors to prevent failure. The best part is, it’s totally run from the cloud thus saving customers from significant capital investment. Use it only when needed.