Seamless Integration Between People and Technology Quality Driven Value Creators

What We Do

We Use Cutting Edge Technologies for Companies to Optimize Their Operations and Maintenance Costs

Ensuring reliability and performance of your assets is a paramount importance to ensure productivity and returns on your total asset investment. The assets can be your equipment buildings or inventory. Ensuring viable bottom-line is best achieved by controlling operational costs. This is where we in the COMM-IT can help.
We are your reliable partner in the effort to maximize returns on assets and reduction of costs. We as a company always believed in the mantra that we rather be the master of one trade; hence it has been our conscious decision to focus on what we do the best – Help Manage your Assets in an economical way and enable people for the technology to improve productivity.
Established in 2009 with a group of consultants having more that 50 years of combined experience in Asset Management space, we made rapid strides based on our consulting & quality oriented approach. We have one of the biggest clientele in the region in Oil & Gas, Shipping, Ports and Banks.

Why Us?

We are a focused group of consultants across ASEAN. Our consultants know local conditions and this has enabled companies to seamlessly transition to better ways of doing business in the Enterprise Asset Management space. Our consultants come from wide array of industries with diverse experience and have the best breed of professional qualifications – PMP’s and MBA’s.
Our focus on quality is of paramount importance. Most of the projects we deliver are guaranteed with Six Sigma processes. Moreover, our focus is always to prepare you for a better conduct of day to day business with the best software tools available. Hence, we put a lot of impetus on good documentation and trainings.

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