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Transportation Industry Client - EAM Implementation

Vehicle Leasing company with a core business of supplying leased commercial & passenger vehicles to various corporates in Asia and industrial equipment’s across sectors such as Construction, Petrochemicals, Logistics, F&B, Manufacturing etc. Company serves more than 10,000 corporates across Asia.
  • Paper based approach to complex business operations from sourcing to fulfilment and post fulfilment entitlements were causing incoherence in operations.
  • Inter departmental information silos causing frictions.
  • Issues with warranty recaptures, insurance and entitlement claims leading to unproductive costs.
  • Lack of information on asset movements & revenue generated per asset through out the lifecycle blindsiding the management.
  • Implemented EAM with enhanced functionality to record customer entitlements.
  • Build custom applications for accident claims, services & repair quotations, services booking & queueing & vehicle replacements.
  • Developed integration between EAM, ERP & CRM.
Value Delivered
  • Envisioned the entire solution set using the 3 systems to create information buckets from lead generation to post sales fulfilment covering the entire chain of operations.
  • Improvements in warranty recaptures and insurance claims led to significant cost savings.
  • Tracking of customer entitlements & vehicle replacements significantly enhanced the customer experience.
  • Better inter departmental coherence and coordination for improved business operations thereby reducing unproductive costs in business.
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