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EAM for Manufacturing

EAM is an effective manufacturing maintenance software tool that gives plant owners, field technicians, and maintenance managers greater control over the performance of their expensive and complex assets. This allows for greater accountability and transparency of physical assets.
  • Without the use of maintenance and management software to produce a holistic view of the company’s entire fixed asset repository, a manufacturer’s operational productivity can begin to suffer. 


  • Downtime becomes an issue for manufacturers when assets are left unchecked and unserviced. Without collecting the right performance data throughout an asset’s life cycle, from procurement to disposal, businesses run the risk of operating in a reactive maintenance approach.
  • The need to collect detailed performance data is where an EAM system outperforms a more  maintenance-focused tool such as CMMS.


  • Access to the EAM system  allows  manufacturing plant managers to access a large amount of data which includes KPIs, asset  performance, maintenance schedules and safety codes. 


  • By accessing a centralized EAM system, maintenance managers can build preventive maintenance schedules for all mission-critical machinery.
Value Delivered
  • Reducing unplanned equipment downtime that affects production output through preventive maintenance schedules.


  • Increasing the reliability and uptime of machinery by performing regular and scheduled maintenance checks.


  • Controlling spending by investing in regular maintenance checks and avoiding a reactive approach.
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